More Surprises Than Christmas Morning

Characters: Robert Evers, Dr. Mira Trassano

Deck 8 seemed stiff and sterile despite the few miscellaneous Rangers scurrying about. It wasn’t at all unlike the other medical areas that Bobby had been in. He stopped at a door and checked the sign outside before entering. Medlab one.

Mira sat staring at the report she had written up on the autopsy just completed. A soprano sang softly in the background. She hated autopsies. She might even hate the report afterwards more than the actual proceeding. It smacked too closely of telling a person that their loved one had died a horrible painful death. But, it was necessary, so, she sent it out. The office door opened and she didn’t bother looking up. “Yes, Carter, I sent it out just now. You don’t have to harass me about these matters, you know.” She finally looked up when there wasn’t the usual, immediate snappy retort. “Oh, dear.” It wasn’t Carter. The human male who stood before her didn’t seem to know exactly what to say. “I’m sorry,” she said with a slight blush. “Computer, end Opera Program 4. Can I help you?”

Bobby stood there dumbfounded for a moment. He hadn’t read up on the medical staff yet, but had expected the CMO to either be another sensible Minbari or wily human, like all the rest of the Rangers, but he hadn’t anticipated this. He gaped at the plump Centauri woman, briefly wondering how she had ended up in the Rangers. Her question took an extra moment to register, but finally it found its way to Bobby’s stalled brain. “Ah, I’m Ensign Bobby Evers, the new medical officer. Are you the doctor?”

“Yes,” she replied with a broad welcoming smile, “I’m Doctor Mira Trassano. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, but I thought you were my Head Nurse.” She thought for a moment, barely recalling Carter telling her about a new officer joining her team. But, so many papers came through her office that she had forgotten to change the schedules and notify him. There was slight pang of guilt as she told him, “You truly couldn’t have come at a better time, doctor. I’m just about to file this report, and then we need to secure all of the patients that need to remain here and to send everyone that we are able back to their quarters. Both the captain and I believe that we should plan for the worst.” It’s going to be nice having a full compliment of doctors, Mira happily thought to herself as she spoke.

“Understood, but just what are we doing that could be so horrible?” The doctor seemed completely taken aback by Bobby’s question. “I’m sorry, but I’m new and I really wasn’t given any information when I boarded. I guess that a lot has been going on here and I just sort’a slipped through the cracks.”

Mira wasn’t quite sure what crack was large enough for a full grown man to fall through, but she hoped that he hadn’t hurt himself. “Dr Evers, you are aware that we are in Vorlon space?” He nodded, still seeming a bit puzzled. “Well, our proper captain was on another ship that is now missing. We are going looking for him, and we don’t know what is out there. We could find the other Whitestar, whatever attacked his ship, or … the Gods only know what else.”

Bobby continued to nod, starting comprehending the entire situation. “I can get right on top of that, Doctor. That medlab will be spic and span, or my name isn’t Julius Caesar.” He bowed slightly to Mira and then turned to leave her office. A puzzled look crossed Mira’s face at the mention of Julius Caesar.

“Before you start to work, Dr Evers, I would like to have the record of your last physical, if you have it with you. Also, you have a choice of working 2nd or 3rd shift. I’ve divided the medical staff into three overlapping 9 standard hour shifts. There must be a doctor on each shift and Dr Brannon and I had been planning to take the extra shift in turns.” She brightened suddenly. “But, now you are here and that is unnecessary. So, since Helle preferred to have first shift and I don’t have any preferences, you get your choice of 2nd or 3rd.” She smiled brightly at him.

“I’ll take the 3rd shift, if that’s alright, Doctor. Now, if you’ll excuse me,” he said with nod and left Mira’s office.

“I shall have to offer my thanks to S’ran-to before I leave today,” Mira mumbled to herself. It would be only later, after her shift, that she would realize he hadn’t said anything about the physical.


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