Moving Forward

Characters: Cat Rosha, Nesaan

Some days after returning from Eulinthis, Cat received a summons from Nesaan. It was the first she had heard from the Ranger Council since she had come back. She had noticed, however, a jump in the activity on the Phoenix’s repairs, especially in the central engineering section.

Answering the summons, Cat found the Minbari in her office. “Please sit,” she told Cat. “We have already found some very interesting technology in the crystals you brought back from Eulinthis, and we would like to offer you the opportunity to put some of what we have found to use.”

Cat’s ears perked up at the last sentence. She had become content in her current position and a new opportunity was not only a little frightening but also exciting. Through all of the excitement of the trip to Eulinthis, Cat had rekindled her desire to know what else was out there. She had spent her time after their return to the Phoenix writing, reading, and just thinking. Her mind was reeling a mile a minute every day, and she felt as if she was formulating her life purpose that she had lost so long ago.

Coming back to reality, Cat looked Nesaan straight in the eyes with a slight smirk. “I’ll take what ever offer you have, Nesaan. What did you have in mind?”

The Minbari smiled. “We welcome your enthusiasm, Anla’shok Rosha. One of the areas of technology the Eulinthians developed to an advanced degree is in the realm of communication and interface between sentients and what they call ‘emerging sentients’ — artificial intelligence which is manifesting sentient traits. We think we can use some of this technology to improve our understanding of — and communication with — the Vorlon-source components of our vessels, including the White Stars and, of course, the Sorna’silat.
“We would like you to supervise some of these efforts. To that end, we offer you a promotion — and the position of Chief of Engineering on the Sorna’silat.”

Cat was shocked. Being a pilot was something she had made her life doing — she had never really thought about doing anything else. Becoming Chief of Engineering on the Phoenix was a nerve wracking thought. After a few moments of reflection and thought while Nesaan waited for a response, Cat realized it was a challenge she was ready to take.

Cat stood up with a new sense of pride and bowed. “Thank you Nesaan. I am honored to accept this new position.”

“Excellent! You may report to the Sorna’silat’s engine room tomorrow morning. Your assistants will join you there.” The Minbari paused a moment, then added with a smile, “I should also note that you will remain a pilot in Storm Wing, though you will be designated Storm Five henceforth. Thus you may not be called on for all fighter missions. But we do still need qualified Thunderbolt pilots … and it would be a shame, after you had just painted your fighter.”


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