New Surroundings

Characters: James McGregor

James was at awe with the size of this ship. He had heard of the Phoenix during his training and working on the Whitestar ships, but he didn’t really know about it. It took him awhile to find his quarters and then he thought that something was wrong. He stepped out and saw the name and number next to the door, but these were to big.

James entered his quarters and looked around found his stuff that he had kept there in boxes and started putting them up. Stuff he carried with him from home in Scotland, which he hoped that he could see again soon. James pulled out his kilt and sword and put them up on the wall. The sword was a real 20th century sword that he carried everywhere, and the Kilt he wore on special occasions. James then finished unpacking the rest of his things which he didn’t have that much.

James then went to his bedroom area and pick up his cloak and put it on. He then checked himself in the mirror and thought to himself that he would have to trim his beard in a few days. Picking up his Ranger pike that he placed in his cloak he left to find the fighter bay to meet with his supervisor, and that wasn’t an easy task. When James found the fighter bay he was 15 minutes late. His supervisor didn’t like that and made James scrub and clean all fighter ships in the Desell Squadron, which took him the better part of 5 hours. He hoped, after returning to his quarters to sleep, that he would get a chance to show off his flying skills.


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