Now Is Not the Time For Reminders

Characters: Dunstan Kordieh

The first impact on the Phoenix knocked a sleeping Dunstan Kordieh right off his Minbari bed and hard onto the floor. A moment passed in utter panic, until he was able to draw a long, gasping breath and realize where and when he was. The ship shuddered around him. The Phoenix was in battle.

He forced himself to get up slowly, feeling out his body for any injury. Luckily there was none, and so he jumped toward his small closet, at the same time calling, “Comm! Kordieh to Medlab, reporting in.”

It was in the next second, waiting for the acknowledgment, that he started to think, and with it another panic started rising. His eyes flickered to the door, suddenly almost expecting a crowd to burst through to haul him away to the brig again, or worse. I was asleep, he thought. Just asleep. It couldn’t be me. I’m perfectly sane now, I know I am, I —

No, dammit. Stop thinking that way, or you will drive yourself right back into the madness.

Daanike’s voice came across the comm. Despite its hurried, almost curt tones, the Minbari healer’s voice had never sounded more angelic. “Acknowledged. Report to Medlab One and follow any instructions Dr. Lanconi has.”

He spoke again before Daanike could cut the channel — even though he knew he shouldn’t be wasting time. “Daanike — what’s happening?”

“It’s all right,” she answered, the incongruous choice of words and a momentary softening of tone telling Kordieh that she understood completely. “We’re under attack by an unknown alien race. Get to Medlab One. Daanike out.”

Kordieh quickly stripped off his sleeping robe, leaving it on the floor. Replacing it with his uniform, he grabbed an extra smock and was almost at the door of his quarters when another barrage of fire shook the ship and sent him stumbling into the doorway face first. He brought his hand up to his suddenly aching nose and scowled at the drop of blood on his fingers.

“Oh for Valen’s sake,” he muttered, taking a deep breath through his mouth and stepping out the door.

Copyright (c) 2005 Jamie Lawson. All rights reserved.


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