NOW What?

Characters: Margaret Morgan

Left-handed, Morgan tried to coax something resembling a status report out of her station. Without too much success except finding out how big the breach in the hull was. Her right was tucked inside her uniform to avoid any more damage.

She actually felt the timeshift begin to happen this time, and had enough time to mutter a curse before being taken….


… She was passing out of the military docking into the civilian section of MarsPort. But how often have I done that? She still didn’t know when this was, just let it take her where it would.

Someone shouted, nearby. It took her a moment to hear the words. “Megs! Chwaer!”

No one else…. Morgan whirled. “Cary?” She had to laugh, then. To see her sister again, even like this, was overwhelming. They hugged fiercely — it had been years since they had seen each other even when this had happened first. The EarthForce uniform moved wrong as she turned the same to Brolly, her sister’s partner. “How have you been?” in English, for Brolly’s sake.

Cary’s smile quirked. “Well, except for the call we got three days ago from this strange man, ordering us here.”

Morgan frowned. “Strange–”

The partners moved to the side, showing someone else in EF blue, holding a small baby. Morgan laughed again, and reached for her new niece …..


… Who was dead, now, thanks to Clark. They all were – Brolly in the initial Mars bombings, Cary and Elora in a pogrom. She even had the vid to prove it, sent to try to disrupt things. But she had watched it once only, then destroyed it, never mentioning it to anyone, and certainly not acting on it, however much her heart cried for revenge.

Morgan leaned against her board a moment, letting out a long breath. “Diw,” she muttered. “What next?”

Copyright (c) 1998 Leslie McBride. All rights reserved.

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