Characters: Miina Awenata

Miina Awenata sat in her quarters and stared at her bandaged hands. A lot of good she was doing the ship like this. She sighed. An engineer without the use of her hands–well, for the most part anyway. She might as well have let the Centauri doctor re-break her right hand for all the use she was getting out of it. And it wasn’t in her nature to stand back and direct others as to what to do.

That had been one of Lt. Commander Winters’ shortcomings too. Nearly every performance report said, “Effective leadership, but needs to delegate more.” She winced. She would rather not have anything in common with Lt. Commander Gina Winters, thank you very much. That part of her past was just that. The past.

But she felt so useless. It was a feeling she was not used to. She was always doing something. Always busy. But now she was left with time to think. About their mission. About where they were going. And who or what was going to meet them there.

In other circumstances, if life had taken her along a different path, she might have sat in a dark corner of her quarters, hugging her knees and spilling silent tears until all of the frustration, grief, and weariness was wrenched out of her. But that was no kind of solution for her. Not even an option. She never cried. Never.

And part of her felt like seeking out the observation deck, and standing in front of the starfield, offering herself to the stars, like some sort of ancient sacrifice.

She sat a little taller. She had offered herself. To the Rangers. And to the woman whom they now spoke of as Entil’zha. And when things were difficult, she needed to remember that. “We live for the One,” she whispered. “We die for the One.” She closed her eyes, hoping that the words would calm the storm that raged inside her.

But her thoughts were interrupted by the door chimes. She frowned. She had made very few friends on the Phoenix in her short time aboard. And even they could be considered to be more like acquaintances really. Who would be coming to see her? And why?

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