Characters: Dr. Mira Trassano

Mira Trassano sat a bit dully in her office, picking at the tray of food that the Lounge had given her. Because of the loss of quarters (not to mention, decks), many of the crew where bedded down in the Lounge. So, though you could get some food there, there wasn’t any room to actually eat it in the Lounge. Being sensible, Mira brought the tray of nameless ‘food’ back to her office.

Amazingly, someone had straightened up the office. All three desks were back where they should be, along with whatever chairs had survived. Mr Carter popped into the door way and chuckled at the pudgy rumpled Centuari.

“Come on, Doc. It’s not that bad … at least it isn’t three day old spoo.” He propped himself up on the edge of her desk and picked a piece of vegetable off her plate.

Mira glared at him grumpily. “I happen to enjoy three-day-old spoo.” She still had vestiges of that dream clinging to her mind and being so close to Mr Carter was downright creepy. “You,” she continued, firmly, “are entirely too chippy.”

Carter laughed. “Chipper! The word is chipper!”

“Chippy. Chipper. Chipped. Chip Chip Chip. It’s all the same! Why can’t this silly language be as organized as medicine?!” Mira shoved the tray food towards Carter, who was still picking pieces off it. “Here! I cannot eat it.”

“Thanks.” He pulled up a chair and proceeded to demolish the tray. “I don’t know where you got the idea that medicine was organized,” he said between bites. “Medicine is nothing but one huge tangle of if’s and then’s and maybe’s.”

“Medicine makes perfect sense to me. Perhaps that is because I grew up around it.” Mira shrugged. “How have we been while I slept?”

“Well,” Carter gulped down the last bite. “Morgan went back on duty, though I’m sure she was told to go and get some rest. I’m also pretty certain that she left her pills here on purpose and since her quarters are blown up, I have no where to send them. Darquin stumped off back to duty, as well. Kordieh was attacked by Santiago and woken up. Then, he was off to talk to the captain. Now, I think he’s in the brig. All of our staff have checked back in and reported the other decks clean of wounded. Though, in all honesty, I’m sure some are just not looking for help and will wash up later. Evers finally collapsed and Brannon is taking stims. Both MedLabs are about half empty because we’ve sent home everyone who isn’t in danger of dying and could be moved. That is, if they still had a home. Oh, and the Captain wants a full report as soon as you’ve time.” He paused for a breath and Mira jumped into the gap.

“Good. Make certain that none of the nurses have been longer than 12 hours without sleep. If they have, send them to bed. We can manage with a smaller staff, now. Send Brannon in MedLab Two to bed, as well. If anyone is roomless, they can sleep on cots in my quarters … if they can clear a spot in the wreckage. Use a medical over-ride to get in them.” Mira gave Mr Carter a hard look as well, assessing him. “You’ve been taking stims, also. Go to bed. Now. Get Brannon on your way. I’ll call for you both in the next shift.”

Without another word, Mira got up and went to make her round though both MedLabs. Carter sat where he was, just a little stunned. “Damn,” he mumbled. “How does she do that? She’s better than a blood test for sniffing out stims.” He stretched and headed to MedLab Two so he could fetch Brannon, before Mira got to her.

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