Outbound Messages

Characters: Yoshino Marina

Yoshino hurried down to the docking bay, hoping to catch the Pak’ma’ra courier before he left. Just before she had begun her duty shift, she had received two messages. One was a new intercept, giving her Kurogiri’s present location, en route to Minbar. She reminded herself that she needed to tell Darquin about that.

But first, to attend to the other message. It had been little more than a “ping” in her system, but it was from her friend Kitsune. Yoshino knew now where she was — safe temporarily, but Yoshino wanted to get her someplace safer.

As she entered the docking bay, she realized she was in luck. The courier was still inspecting the exterior of his craft — a Minbari Flyer –before leaving the Phoenix.

“Courier,” she said to him, “I have a message which needs to be sent to Narn space. Can you take it?”

He turned, his translator wand flickering brightly. “It is my pleasure to serve, Anla’shok,” he said. “I can carry your message.”

“Forgive me,” Yoshino said, “that I don’t even know your name. I’m Yoshino Marina.”

“Names matter little, Yoshino Marina,” the Pak’ma’ra said through the translator. “The designations Anla’shok and Courier are quite sufficient for me.”

Yoshino smiled, offering him a brief bow of acknowledgment. She then handed him a small case of two data crystals.

“Please take this to our representative on Dra’shu,” she said. “The first crystal contains instructions for him — a request to locate someone now living there — and the second is a message for her, if our representative can find her.”

The Pak’ma’ra tucked the case away somewhere within his cloak. “I will carry it safely,” he said. “I know our representative on Dra’shu. Your message should reach him in four days.”

“Thank you, Anla’shok Courier,” Yoshino said with a bow.

“A pleasure to serve, Yoshino Marina,” he answered, before turning to board his ship.

Copyright (c) 2003 Jamie Lawson. All rights reserved.

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