Characters: Dr. Mira Trassano

“Mira, darling daughter, I have made the most wonderful match for you! Now, I know he does act rather odd upon occasion. But, our House, as low as it is, simply cannot afford to refuse such a generous offer. I am sure that you will be more than honored enough in such an illustrious, powerful House as Cartagia’s personal companion.” Her father reached to pat her on the arm. As he reached for her, he changed into a laughing Cartagia with that horrible mad gleam in his eye.

Mira woke gasping for air and terror squeezing it all out of her again. It took her some moments to calm down. “That cursed dream,” she muttered to herself. It had first appeared on the ship as she fled Homeworld. It had lasted 3 months, well into her first semester as a medical student. The dream reared its ugly head again when she fled to Minbar, but this time it had lasted only a few weeks. It had started again when she came to the Phoenix. Mira had hoped that the downsizing trend would continue and the dream would have left her by now. “But, apparently not,” she sighed and got out of bed.

Dr Trassano puttered into her kitchenette in her worn filmy favorite nightgown. She was making a cup of tea when communicator started beeping. Mira automatically checked the time as she dug the offending object out of a pile of pillows. “Trassano.” I hope this isn’t MedLab. It’s third shift and Dr Evers is still new.

“Doctor, I think you’d better get to MedLab right away.” It was Dr Evers’ voice and both of Mira’s hearts started to pound.

“I will be there immediately.” She paused only long enough to throw on some clean clothes from her closet and turn off the heat under the tea water. Carrying shoes in her hand, the plump Centuari woman ran down the hall with her single knot of hair streaming loose behind her.

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