Personnel Log

Characters: Dr. Kaldo Lanconi

Kaldo looked at his orders. He had been assigned to the ISA Phoenix as the CMO.

He had been studying the personnel folders of the crew and wondered how he was going to be received. After all, he was a Centauri. He didn’t anticipate trouble from the human and Minbari crew which seemed to be the vast majority of the crew but with the few Narns on board there could always be problems. G’fen could be a real problem according to his record. D’Val’s records didn’t show anything about his attitude. Many Narns had suffered under Centauri rule and during the last war. Too many couldn’t let go of old hatreds and only saw an enemy. Of course, Kaldo had met many Centauri who would never forgive or forget the Narn and Drazi because of their bombardment of Centauri Prime.

Kaldo had lived through two Narn conquests of his home on Rageash 3 and he had almost been killed by a Narn during the first attack. Hard to believe that was 4 years ago.

He wondered if there would be any resentment from the medical team to have an outsider promoted over them. Dr. Hellecat Brannon was acting CMO. She may have thought that she’d be promoted to CMO after serving as acting CMO.

He looked out of the cockpit of the human SA-26A Thunderbolt Starfury that he rode. It was fast. He would have preferred a more conventional form of transportation to his new assignment but somebody had decided that they needed to get him there as fast as possible. No matter how uncomfortable it would be. We live for the one. We die for the one. He recalled the Ranger mantra.

He checked the time. One hour to rendezvous with the Phoenix.

He went back to studying the personnel records.

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