Possibility of Intrigue

Characters: Katia Santiago

Chaos still reigned in Engineering as Katia’s team continued searching for the cause of the surge that killed Maenier. It had been almost 36 hours since the disaster had thrown the department into disarray, and Katia intended on staying with the investigation until the cause of the surge was found. Maenier had been well liked in Engineering, and her whole team seemed to have the same view on the subject because she hadn’t seen any of them take a break from the search since it had first begun. Although, at this point, Katia was having serious doubt about the accident truly being an accident. The cause of this sudden energy wave was well hidden, and if it had been an accident as she had first hoped, then she knew she would have found the source by now.

She had done a relay by relay test and diagnostic on each and every circuit and still there was nothing. The engineer had at first thought that maybe it had been a short in the system at some point, but now knew that to be a fantasy dreamed up by a hopeful mind that there was no one on the ship who would cause an accident of this magnitude. So, she was back in engineering, consulting the AI and other sources available to her during the stressful time of not knowing.

Katia was just beginning to wonder why she hadn’t heard from the Captain when one of her Techs called her over urgently. She hurried over and took a look at what the tech was examining on the screen in front of her. It took several seconds for what she was seeing to finally register, and when it did, she did a double take, rereading the information presented. Santiago was not pleased with what she viewed and turned quickly away.

“Get your team down there, immediately and verify this information. I want to know if this is correct or if we are just shooting in the dark at something we can not see,” she ordered shortly as she started toward her office. Katia walked over to her desk and sat down heavily, feeling as if the weight of the universe were on her shoulder. If what she had seen had been correct, then someone was going to have a lot to answer for when the final results came through. Shaver suddenly entered her mind and she closed her eyes not wanting to deal with that particular problem at the moment, although, she knew that it may come done to that if the Tech was proven right.

“Computer close door,” at her order, the door to her office was closed. The crew in engineering glanced at each other, knowing that Katia always left her door open and wondering what prompted the sudden closure this time.

She tapped her link quickly, “Darquin, this is Santiago. I need you to come to my office immediately if you could please.” Before he had a chance to answer, she had severed the link. This was something she did not want to discuss over the link. The possibility of being monitored was too great, and this was a very sensitive issue. Especially with the one they had sitting in the XO’s seat on this ship.

The Chief Engineer started to pace, something she never did, but to which she felt the situation warranted. She was starting to get tired and knew if she didn’t get some sleep soon, it would all catch up to her and she would wind up in medlab ready to be taken to the loony bin as her Uncle had been so apt to call it. But, in her mind, she did not have the luxury of sleep. This situation warranted her full attention, and she intended to give it that until it was finally over.

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