Security Duty Log, 2262 August 23

Characters: Tomás Darquin

To: ISA Phx CO (Hale), ISA Phx XO (Morgan), Nesaan (Anla’shok Council liaison)

From: CSO Darquin

cc: cmd-arc, sec-arc, personal

Subj: Unit status

A) Prophet’s flower incident

Rangers Morgan, Kriechbaum, and Daanike were assisting Huka Guardians investigate the murder of a Huka shopkeeper in the Uvew spaceport city on Rolui 4. Said Rangers discovered a drug trafficking operation run by two Gaim, a Drazi, and a rogue clan of Huka. Kriechbaum was abducted by the criminal Huka who threatened to kill him unless the investigation was stopped. Morgan and I led the rescue mission, which was successful. Minor injuries only (cf Medlab). Ranger Kriechbaum is back on board. Suspects are in Huka custody. Huka Guardians inform us that news of our retribution is spreading.

Speculation: Further investigation could find a connection between the Gaim in this case to the ones encountered on Abbai 4. Gaim are essentially controlled by genetics and pheromones. Odds are against the possibility of rogues within that species, so they were assigned to this operation for all intents and purposes. The question is, who is controlling them—their Queen or some other party familiar with Gaim biochemistry?

B) Anla’shok recruit G’fen

Shortly before the Centauri declared war on the ISA, I assigned G’fen to the security section. He was serving more or less as expected until the end of the war. At the news of the bombing of Centauri Prime, his conduct wasn’t in keeping with the Anla’shok code. He’s currently assigned to various support functions on the ship as needed, but isn’t recognized as a member of the Ranger order.

Speculation: Command-level personnel, including myself, have wondered how all this happened. G’fen’s name was on the inactive list, which implied his training was done. Data entry could explain it since a retrieval error unlikely. CO and XO have suspicions—see next item.

C) Techno-mage

The techno-mage known to us as Ryath had a private meeting with Shok’na Terry Hale. I wasn’t present, but I was told what happened and given permission by the Shok’na to check surveillance logs. They support her account of the meeting. Ryath gave the Captain an Isil’zha, a Ranger pin, from a Ranger who died through the inaction of her teacher. She also admitted and apologized for manipulating our ship and our data network in Tuzanor. In response, Captain Hale ordered her to leave, warning her to stay out of matters directly connected to the Ranger order. Ryath left under escort, offering no resistance. Since then, unusual discharges on uniforms, bulkheads, and control areas have been reported throughout the ship.

Speculation: Hale and Morgan have a theory, and I’m beginning to agree with them. When she first appeared on the ship, Ryath took control of key systems to board us. It’s possible that G’fen’s inclusion into the order’s rosters might have been done the same way. This, along with several other incidents and injuries among the crew, was obviously the final straw. The power of the techno-mages is well known in various legends and history texts all over known space, so the chances of finding a effective defense against them might be slim. It should also be noted, according to Engineering, that onboard Vorlon technology seems able and inclined to ward off technomancy ever since Ryath’s initial boarding. These results call for even more study into Vorlon tech.

Anla’shok Tomás Darquin

Chief of Security, ISA Phoenix

[Addendum, personal log: Ryath’s attitude seemed temperamental when I escorted her back to her flyer. She seemed embarrassed, defensive, or heartbroken at different times. Each time, she was fixated on what I thought of her.

I tried not to say anything. I’ve been in conversations that felt like laid bear traps. And this was one of them. She didn’t know what she wanted, only that she didn’t want to go down alone. In situations like that, anything I could’ve said, she would’ve used to pull me in with her. I thought about asking if she wanted to see Kordieh. I decided play it safe. If she cared, she would’ve asked. She was too busy, trapped inside her own head.

What I did say, what I can remember was that I was sorry things played out the way they did. And at the end, when she was boarding her ship, firing off a few choice words in her defense, I told her, “Even if I knew what your problem was, I don’t know if you’d listen.” That seemed to catch her short. Then I said, “Clear skies, blondie. Can’t say it wasn’t dull.”

The truth is, I couldn’t say it ‘cause I didn’t wanna piss her off any further.]

Phoenix–“Security Duty Log, 2262 Aug 23” © 2004 Joseph Medina

Babylon 5 TM and © 2004 Warner Bros.

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