Security Job

Characters: G’ren

G’ren sat in his post, watching the screens and reading the Security and Tactical roster just to know with who he is working. A quick look revealed to him that the second Security assistant was a female Minbari and that there was a Narn fighter pilot. A Narn, at last! he didn’t meet anyone of his own race since he had completed his training on Minbar, and he started to think about drinking something with that Narn in the bar after his duty. There were only a few Narn rangers, and meeting another one of his kind was a very special thing for G’ren.

“Security team one – please report” he said into the Commlink.

“Security Team one to Security Office – nothing special to report, just the doctor and operations officer are planning a party — a Wake for the crew of the White Star 24. Nothing else unusual, Sir.”

“Acknowledged” G’ren said into the link and turned it off.

He have heard about WS 24 only from a status report gave him by Karina Alenova, the Security scanners Operator, who was the only Security person he could ask, because most of the Security personnel were down there on the planet or patrolling around the Phoenix. The WS 24 story frightened him, as it was the most strange and terrible death of a starship’s crew he ever heard of.

He sat at his chair, waiting to more reports to come and talking with Karina from time to time.

Unlike what most people think, security isn’t just using hand weapons and arresting criminals. G’ren knew deeply that most of the work at security was just watching the scanners, listening to reports and coordinating security teams, a boring, hard job, but a job that have to be done. His job.

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