Ship Specifications

“We walk in the dark places no others will enter.
We stand on the bridge and no one may pass.
We live for the One.
We die for the One.”
– Ranger Oath


Interstellar Alliance Ship Phoenix

Class: Patrol Cruiser(Vorlon/Minbari)

Built: Minbar Shipyards

Launched: 2260

Refitted: 2262

Length: 813 M

Cargo capacity: 1350 metric tons

Number of decks: 22

Crew: 120

Emergency crew capacity: 285

Time between resupply: 10 months


Propulsion Systems

  • Main Engine: Magneto-gravitic Drive
  • Number of Dedicated Reactors: 2
  • Number of Jump Engines: 2 (forward + aft)
  • Type of Jump Engines Used: Minbari/Vorlon
  • Self-Induced Jump Engines Status: 2 hyperspatial jump points per charge.


Sciences and Sensors

  • Long-range tactical sensor range (maximum resolution): 6.7 ly
  • Maximum tactical sensor range (medium to low resolution): 19.8 ly
  • Sensor range (maximum resolution): 10 ly
  • Maximum sensor range (medium to low resolution) 38 ly
  • Probe range: 24 ly


Weapon Systems

  • 21 x Rapid-fire Fusion Cannon (left, center, right, aft)
  • 9 x Heavy Neutron Cannon (left, center, right)
  • 8 x Missile Launcher (20 megaton payload per missile)
  • 2 x Electro-Pulse Gun (left + right): Disables electronics


Defense Systems

  • 2 x Gravitic Web Projector (left + right): Attracts other ships
  • Vorlon/Minbari organic hull: regenerative
  • Vorlon/Minbari polycrystalline armor (refracts 45 percent of energy attacks, physical impact sustained)
  • Vorlon force shield (passive, deflects energy weapon attacks and kinetic force from impacts)


Fighter Complement

Storm Squadron: six modified SA-26A Thunderbolt Starfuries
Desell Squadron: eight Minbari/Vorlon Zen’Thas Prototype Fighters


SA-26A Thunderbolt Starfuries


  • 2 x Rapid-Fire Pulse Discharge Cannons
  • 2 x Ion Cannons 8 x Missile Launchers (standard load of concussion missiles)
  • 1 x Blacklight Cloaking Device
  • 5.6-cm reinforced armor
  • 2 x Grappling Claws
  • 1 Cutting Laser

The SA-26A Thunderbolt Starfury is a two-seat superiority space fighter capable of atmospheric flight, often preferred by human pilots. These multi-mission fighter-bombers provide strong support for other fighters as well as capital ships like the Phoenix, and are easily modified for special tasks.


Zen’Thas Vorlon/Minbari Space Superiority Fighter (Prototype)


  • 1 x Light Slicer Beam
  • 2 x Pulse Discharge Cannons
  • 1 x Light Neutron Turret (rear mounted)
  • 1 x Blacklight Cloaking Device
  • 2 x Tractor Beams
  • Minbari Heavy Armor
  • Minbari Energy Shielding

The Zen’Thas design is the latest attempt by Anla’shok engineers to recreate the power of a White Star at that starfighter scale. These one-seat fighters pack quite a punch for their small size. While atmospheric-capable, they are better suited for space. The Zen’Thas excels as a deep space reconnaissance vehicle and interceptor, but isn’t as easy to refit as the Thunderbolt.


Shuttle Complement

Three STG-19 Earth Shuttles (Macklin, Willerth, Stewart)
Three Eshnat-class Minbari Shuttles (Eshnat, Nuthorm, Lartiel)


Earth Alliance Crew Shuttle

The STG-19 shuttle has been called the workhorse of the Earth Alliance. This model is cheap to maintain and easy to modify, which makes it popular among private and commercial shipping companies. On the Phoenix, it is often used for moving cargo and personnel. It requires a standard crew of 2, and can carry an additional 24 for evacuations or troop deployments. One shuttle is made ready for atmospheric flight at all times.


Eshnat-class Armored Minbari Shuttle (Prototype)


  • 2 x Medium Twin Neutron Cannon
  • 1 x Ion Beam
  • 1 x Tractor Beam
  • 1 x Breaching Ring
  • Minbari Heavy Armor
  • Minbari Stealth Technology

This is a new prototype, a Minbari trans-orbital flyer modified specifically for the Phoenix, designed to carry personnel safely through dangerous flight scenarios. The Eshnat-class is equipped with articulated wing stabilizers for atmospheric flight, a gravitic tractor beam to grapple ships or cargo, and a breaching ring to infiltrate enemy craft, all while taking a severe beating in combat. It can hold a crew of 20 (two pilots and 18 passengers).


Deck Features

Deck 1 — Observatory, Meditation Rooms
Deck 2 — Lounge, Galley
Deck 3 — Gymnasium, Recreational Areas
Deck 4 — Crew Quarters
Deck 5 — Crew Quarters, Guest Quarters
Deck 6 — Bridge, Command Offices, Conference Rooms
Deck 7 — Main Security, Brig
Deck 8 — Med Lab One
Deck 9 — Science Labs, Astrogation Labs
Deck 10 — Computer Core, Main Sensors, Life Support
Deck 11 — Crew Quarters
Deck 12 — Main Engineering, Maintenance, Minor Propulsion Systems
Deck 13 — Main Propulsion Systems, Waste Removal Systems
Deck 14 — Tactical Systems, Projectile Storage, Shielding Systems
Deck 15 — Escape Pods, Storage Areas
Deck 16 — Crew Quarters
Deck 17 — Cargo Bays
Deck 18 — Shuttle/Fighter Bays
Deck 19 — Cargo Bays
Deck 20 — Emergency Control Room, Auxiliary Life Support
Deck 21 — Med Lab Two, Emergency Relief Area
Deck 22 — Secondary Shuttle Bay, Multi-Purpose Area