Six Minutes

Characters: Dylan Shaver

Dylan Shaver sighed sadly as Katia Santiago walked in the room. He then wondered why. She came and sat down next to him he looked at her and briefly. She looked tired. He then looked away, back at his personal computer screen.

There were six minutes left before it would start. Only six minutes and he would be able to stand up and say what he wanted to, probably not having to sit down again. He was worried that Miss Santiago would try to kill him after all, he did leave his sidearm in his office. He thought about her. How much they enjoyed being with her at one point in time, and how much she despises even the thought of him now.

A new face entered the room and sat down. He glared at her and whispered “Doctor I would suggest to you, for your own health, that you do not pursue that course.” He hoped she would not continue attempting to probe her it would cause her more pain it was worth. Most telepaths wouldn’t understand. They’d keep trying and keep hitting the same walls, if they tried for too long, they’d have a seizure or a brain hemorrhage. Hopefully, she’ll learn.

He looked around, five minutes he thought, just five minutes. He turned and stood up, slowly. A few people looked at him, confused. “Why is this man standing” they had to be thinking. He knew that he had never actually met most of the crew, and had no real idea who was who. He turned, and stared out the window. He could see everyone’s reflection. People mumbling to each other, whispering.

Do they know? he asked himself. He thought about the Vorlons and what they had made him. He was created to serve what was to be as they told him. Very funny, he thought. “Serve what was meant to be”. He suddenly felt insecure. The Vorlons were not there he could not take refuge under their wing anymore. When he had run from earth, he went to Minbar for some time. They accepted him. Would they still accept him knowing what they do now of the Vorlons? Hopefully not.

Four Minutes. He turned and sat back down. Miss Santiago looked at him with disgust. He looked back and flashed her a false smile, and stared back at his computer. He pulled up files on all the crew who he was not acquainted with. He knew Mister Validenn, very fascinating for a Minbari. Miss Santiago he knew. Doctor Trassano he had met, but knew nothing of. Doctor Matsumoto was a mystery, as was Darquin.

Three Minutes. Three lousy minutes he thought. Ah, Time will pass… Hopefully.

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