So We Have Heard

Characters: Dr. Mira Trassano

Date: 1997:11:09

Mira entered the conference room somewhat blearily but, thankfully, hangover free. She had expected to hear something. She hadn’t expected to hear what she had actually heard, however. After this Fleet Captain Freise made his announcement and dismissed them all, she sat for a moment too stunned to move. She noticed as she left that Dr Matsumoto stayed behind, though.

Mira passed a Minbari in the hallway on her way to the MedLab. She was already in the turbo lift before she realized that she hadn’t recognized him. We seem to have picked up a great many new crew members lately. I shall never be done with these physicals. At least Dr Brannon is about so I shall be able to foist some of these off on her. The thought made her smile a moment before the memory of the VotR broadcast really kicked in full force. Her stomach clenched and she was momentarily incapacitated by the thought of all the dead and wounded. She had difficulty for a while remembering that she was only one doctor. You can’t save the universe, Mira daughter, her Father’s voice told her from the halls of her memory.

Mira was composed and calm again when she entered MedLab. She paused at the door and surveyed her domain. The two nurses on duty were involved in work and everything was in its place. This usually made her happy but, today, she couldn’t chase away the thought of all this being useless if it couldn’t be there to help at Proxima. She sighed and told the nurses they would be having an impromptu staff meeting in an hour. Mira, then, retired to her office and proceeded to inform all the other staff.

An hour later, they were all gathered outside of her office milling about worriedly. Mira was clearly seen through the glass to be sitting very relaxed in her chair staring at the ceiling. She hadn’t moved for quite some time and they were all getting worried about having to send someone in to disturb her. Mr Carter arrived and quickly took in the scene. He muttered something unspeakable under his breath and ordered the office door open. The gathered staff were promptly subjected to the extreme decibels of a Centauri soprano mourning the loss of her dead husband who was in fact very alive but in hiding.

Mr Carter ordered the computer to shut the music off without bothering to have the door shut behind him. Mira suddenly sat up very straight and alert. “Mr Carter,” she said in hurt tones, “that was my favorite part.”

“Well, that’s tough.” The Minbari waiting outside collectively gasped at his apparent lack of respect. “The staff has gathered, doctor. You would have heard your alarm go off if you hadn’t set the volume of that music so high.”

Mira smiled mischievously. “But, Mr Carter, I didn’t set my alarm. I knew that you would get me when everyone had arrived and you are so much better at keeping me on schedule than some easily ignorable alarm.” She laughed at his expression and walked past him to face the crowd of the regular medical staff. As she passed the threshold of the office, her playful demeanor fell away like a shed skin. All seriousness and business, Mira began.

“Yes, the rumours are true. Captain Shaver is not in board the ship for this mission. We have, also, all heard what has happened on Proxima, I don’t doubt. I, like you, would like to be going with the fleet to Proxima. But, we are not going. Instead, we have been given a much more dangerous mission. Because of this, I have reorganized our duty schedule to make certain there will be a full staff on duty at all times starting from three hours before we leave hyperspace. Due to the fact that we are somewhat understaffed, this means we will be working 10 hour over lapping shifts. The new schedule is already waiting for you on your personal terminals.” She paused to let a little of the information sink in. “With this in mind, I strongly suggest you all put any personal problems you might be presently having on sabbatical. These problems will not only distress you, but might cause accidents and mistakes we will be able to ill afford. So, starting now, I suggest you spend all your free time relaxing, playing or sleeping until further notice. Dismissed, all of you.”

Mira indicated that the two on-duty nurses should leave too. Then, she turned and reentered the office without waiting to watch the staff shuffle out in mild shock. They had a lot of information to absorb. She ordered to computer to begin playing Dorva’s “Forcumbales Toccata” at a medium volume. She intended to spend the next few hours getting lost in the music.

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