Star Crossed — For Those Who Came In Late

Characters: Margaret Morgan, Dunstan Kordieh

Since it has been a while since this sequence of logs began, a brief summary might be in order.

The story thus far:

Margaret Morgan and Dunstan Kordieh received an assignment from the Phoenix’s Anla’shok liaision, Nesaan:

    "A human telepath, a friend to one of the Anla'shok, has requested safe haven with the 
 Minbari Federation. She is at present hiding on the Narn world of Dra'shu. You, Anla'shok 
 Morgan, will command a Darsa patrol shuttle. Go to Dra'shu, find the human telepath, and 
 bring her safely back to Tuzanor. That is your mission."
    She turned very slightly to face Kordieh, who had been listening with an expression of 
 curious interest -- but also puzzlement. "You, Mr. Kordieh, will accompany Anla'shok 
 Morgan. You will follow her orders and serve her, in any way she may need, in all the 
 traditions of the Anla'shok. That is your mission."

The pair took the patrol shuttle Hayn’gok – an older, but still serviceable, vessel – on the mission. En route, they reached a new level of intimacy in their personal relationship, and narrowly escaped disaster when a collision with some hyperspace debris damaged the ship and briefly knocked them off the navigation beacon.

After a layover for repairs at Babylon 5, they set out again for Dra’shu, and hatched a plan for completing their mission:

    "An idea?" Morgan turned towards him. "Ie, please, I will listen to it."
    "We could pose as free traders, offering our ship as a transport for refugees wishing to 
 return home. If we are bringing aboard a number of passengers, it will be easier to conceal 
 the one we are most concerned with, n'est-ce pas?"
     She just looked at him for a long moment, long enough to start him wondering if it was 
 a bad idea, before finally saying, "That is... brilliant."

“Star Crossed, Part 6” will open with the Hayn’gok on Dra’shu, all passengers loaded, ready for departure. But someone is missing …


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