Tea and a Mission

Characters: Klevetati Yoshino, Arven’dra

“It was terrible, Arven’dra,” Yoshino said. “For my people — my country, that is, not necessarily all humans — bringing shame to someone is the worst thing you can do. But what choice did I have?”

“None at all, from what I’ve heard,” the Minbari said, handing Yoshino a second mug of tea. She cupped it in her hands and stared past him, out toward the corridor.

“Tell me what happened,” he suggested.

“I went down to the Station House, and handed Darquin the report. I watched him read it over, two, maybe three times. He went white. Whiter than me.” She took a long swallow from the mug, followed by a deep breath and sigh. “Then he said he’d take care of it. The pain in his eyes –”

“I know,” Arven’dra said. “But you have to trust him to work this out for himself. You’ve done your part — all that duty and compassion called for.”

Yoshino drained the rest of the mug and set it down on the Quartermaster’s desk with an audible clatter. “There’s got to be something more I can do,” she said.

She was still looking away from him, so Arven’dra allowed himself a private smile before asking, “Did he say anything else?”

“He said something about schedules. That he had to talk to Tianmun and Singing Wolf, and that he would get back to me. I can’t remember exactly; it was more like he was talking to himself than to me.” Yoshino looked at the deck between her feet, thinking.

“He’s been so overworked, but Ops has time to spare, right now. I’ll go talk to his people and see if we can coordinate with Security a little better. Take some of the load, until they can deal with the cause of all this.” She grimaced.

“Carter,” Arven’dra said thoughtfully. “I wish I understood what drives him so. But don’t you want to … ah, ‘take him on’ yourself?”

“Oh I do,” Yoshino said. “Seeing Darquin like this — I’d like to space Carter myself. But … it’s Darquin’s place, and Doctor Trassano’s, not mine.” Her eyes widened suddenly. “Doctor Trassano. She should see my report too.”

She was already on her feet when her link chirped. “Yoshino.”

“Darion. The results have come back on the Interweb search you were doing. You may find them most interesting.”

“Good. Please forward them to my personal message folder. I’ll be in Medlab for a little while.”

Copyright (c) 2000 Jamie Lawson. All rights reserved.

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