The Aftermath

Characters: G’ren

It was the year of fire, the year that brought the end to a large part of our history. It was the beginning of a new age, an age of co-operation between many different races. It was the year when so many of our friends died, sacrificed their lives in the terrible Shadow war and the following civil wars. It was the year when the burned, damagedĀ Phoenix finished it’s mission and prepared to return home.

“15% of power back. Engines on line.” the StarFury’s computer said in its monotone voice, and G’ren began to move it back to the Phoenix’s fighter bay. Near him, the other fighters moved, heading back, their pilots tired from the long battle.

Slowly, with the little engine power left, G’ren docked with the bay. He climbed out of the damaged cockpit and walked towards the nearest lift. He felt pain all over his body, and had a terrible headache, but generally he was fine. All he wanted was a shower (i.e. vibe shower, as the Phoenix had only limited quantities of water), a bottle of TaRee and a good, long sleep. The mission was over, as far as he knew, and the Phoenix and her fighters will soon need to be taken to a dock for repairs. Meanwhile… well… he will think about it after he’ll rest. Even a Narn needed a good rest after combat, and G’ren was far too tired to think about almost anything.

The lift doors opened as it reached the crew deck, and G’ren stepped out of it.

In his quarters, G’ren opened a bottle of TaRee and drank from it. Then he entered his vibe shower and started to wash his dirty, tired body. When he finished with it, he fell on his bed, tired from a long day of space and air combat. Many things waited for him in the next day, but first… he’ll have to rest.

Copyright (C) 1998 Omer Joel. All rights reserved.

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