The Blast

Characters: G’ren

First came the Chief’s message through the comm “Security alert, One through Five, evac. Total evac. Now.” Several moments after it came the detonation. The entire ship rocked as its upper decks blew up, and the shock wave traveled through the skeleton of the ship all the way down to security. The floor fell under G’ren’s legs, and he found himself on the floor. The smell of smoke hang in the dense, hot air and sparks came from a nearby screen.

The memory came to him as a flash. Suddenly, he saw the broken, burning bridge of the NRS Defender around him, Narn bodies laying all over the place and wounded crew members screaming for help. Na’tra, the Defender’s Tactical officer, was still standing near the TAC controls, firing what left of the weapon systems on that damned Centauri ship … “Get to the life pods … G’ren, get to the life pods!!!” she screamed at him as he looked at her. another Centauri plasma bolt hit the bridge as G’ren entered the small, crowded pod and launched it. And then, the pain came … And his mind returned to the Phoenix.

G’ren was lying on the floor in main security. Near him lay Karina Alenova, the Security scanners operator, blood around her left arm, and about 3 meters from him a security guard was trying to get up.

“Karina!!!” he shouted at the wounded scanner operator and started to get up.

“Sir…what the hell is happening here?” she asked him in a weak voice.

“I really don’t know … probably a bomb or something like that … and you’re wounded, we have to get you to Medlab …” he replied to her. A quick look at his commlink showed him that the device was still intact. “Chief?!” he shouted into it and waited to reply. there was no replay, but G’ren thought that that damned comm device failed. “Hell …” he shouted “Someone try to get the chief on comm … no, two or three of you get into EVA combat suits and get to deck 4 where the Chief is supposed to be … I don’t know what’s the situation there so make it as fast as you can … and Alenova got hit by an exploding screen, and I’m going to get her to medlab … meanwhile, try to get maintenance here to fix the screens and maybe fix the security sensors at the upper decks … I think we lost any sensor connection with decks 1 through 5 …” he ordered and gently lifted Karina from the ground. She was about 60 Kg, and for him it was relatively easy to carry her, after all, he was a well trained Narn.

G’ren carried Karina to the nearest lift, found that the lift was active and ordered it to get to MedLab on deck 8.

Copyright (c) 1998 Omer Joel. All rights reserved.

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