The Cost of Victory

Characters: G’ren

And it have come to an end. After more than a year of terror and slavery, Earth was free again. The battle have ended and Earth was free, but still devastated. The war came to an end, and G’ren have watched it’s end from the small window in Security. He have watched fighters and capital ships exploding in an apocalyptic battle, the greatest battle since the Line and the battle of Gorash 6. It was neither his world, nor his race, but still, he was there. Risking his life for an alien race, taking part in a fight in which his race wasn’t involved. Pieces of torn metal and dead bodies floated besides his window as he watched the dark, cold space that surrounded Earth. Men and women found their end in the cold space, sacrificed their own life for a purpose they will never see accomplished.

It have ended. The war was over. Maybe it was the beginning of something new, maybe not. G’ren have heard some rumors here and there about Captain Sheridan and Delenn trying to form something out of the general chaos. It have ended. Like the lives of so many people. A victory… A true victory of light over darkness… but at what price…

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