The Danger Ahead

Characters: Dr. Robert Stadler

Dr. Robert Stadler stared out the view port. The Phoenix had come out of hyperspace and had rendezvoused with a White Star. But Stadler could not believe what he was seeing. The hull was cracked and torn, broken and rent asunder, as though a giant claw had ripped through space, catching the ship as it passed. He wondered what could do that to a White Star.

Tension was running high among the crew. They had all seen it. There was currently a meeting going on among the ship’s senior officers. Apparently they were being briefed about what had happened to that ship out there … and about what their mission would be.

Stadler continued to stare at the wreckage. It was a wonder anyone had survived. He realized, for the first time, deep in his bowels, that the dangers of Vorlon space were not just myth.

He turned from the view port and headed back to the science labs. Whatever was awaiting them, Dr. Matsumoto would find him standing by and ready.

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