The Dead Cannot Cry Out For Justice, Part 1

Of Human Bones and Minbari Plants


Characters: Margaret Morgan, Daanike

Daanike’s private office was located in Medlab Two, so it was here that Morgan went as soon as the morning shift began. She found the Minbari healer poring over the small terminal on her desk.

Morgan bowed, Minbari fashion. “Bore da, Healer.”

Daanike rose and bowed in turn. “Good morning, Shok-na’li. I trust your hand is healing well?”

“I think so – I have been careful of it, as much as possible, and it doesn’t hurt.”

“Good!” Daanike said with a smile. “Let me have a look at it, if I may,” she added, directing Morgan to a chair.

She did so, more than willing to cooperate. “I still use the splint often, for support.”

Daanike nodded, as she examined the hand with both scanner and gentle fingers. “Good. I would suggest keeping it on while you sleep for another few days, and then it should not be needed any longer.”

She leaned back against her desk, smiling. “As I said in my message to you, I have been doing some research in Minbari medical histories, and I believe I have uncovered some information we might be able to use to help your long term condition.”

Ie? What is it?” She managed to keep calm, just – she knew if it progressed much farther, she’d have to give up the Rangers, or at least ship duty, and what would she do with herself then?

“There is a chemical compound which was used extensively in the past among the Minbari, before the days of artificial gravity aboard space vessels. It is a mineral binder, combining with the existing minerals in the bones and preventing further losses. It also helps extract and bind fresh minerals from the bloodstream.

“Its use is rare now, of course; but as I mentioned in my note to you, there are certain Minbari females who exhibit a condition similar to yours even in normal gravity. This same compound has been used to treat them, quite effectively.”

“If you think it will even help, in my case, then by all means. I do not have much other choice.”

Daanike smiled, reaching out to pat Morgan’s shoulder. “I think our chances are quite good. Granted there are some differences in Minbari and human physiology, but I don’t think they’re significant enough to make a problem. However …” the smile faded as Daanike sighed. “There is one difficulty. This compound is derived from a Minbari plant. And I do not have a supply of it aboard the Phoenix.”

“Ah. And we are not apt to return any time soon.”

Daanike shook her head. “Exactly. However, we are not without options. The Minbari have been trading with the Huka people here on Rolui 4 for over a hundred cycles. The chances are good that the trade included aranonn.” The Minbari shrugged. “It’s even possible, if trade was made in seed or living plants, the aranonn might be growing wild. I have read it is a very hardy plant, and thrives in cooler climes.”

“We should have a look, then, I suppose. I’ll even purchase it myself, if need be.”

“I’m not too worried about that,” Daanike said, “but come have a look here.” She moved to the back of her desk, shifting the terminal screen so Morgan could see it. “This is what we’ll be looking for.”

Morgan stood, to have a better look at it, then nodded. “I believe I can remember that.”

“When would you be available to go? I can arrange a shuttle for us.”

“I must speak to the captain first, but any time, in theory.”

“Excellent! While you are speaking to Shok-na Hale, I will contact those in the spaceport and find the most likely places to begin our search.”

Nodding, Morgan straightened, only to bow again. “Many thanks, Healer. I will contact you as soon as I may.”

Copyright (c) Jamie Lawson & Leslie McBride. All rights reserved.


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