The Five P’s Again

Characters: Dr. Mira Trassano

Dr Trassano was rechecking all the preparations. They had just come out of hyperspace. The Phoenix was positioned along side another White Star class ship that looked like a toy that had been dropped and stomped on by accident. Mira had been marveling at the extent of the other ship’s damage when she left the lounge for her duty shift. Now, she silently prayed that whatever had happened to the other ship wouldn’t repeat itself to them. But, knowing the way things ran with the Phoenix, it might try.

Mira stood back for a moment and surveyed the scene. All the beds had been shifted around until there was plenty of space to put up the extras from storage. The additional personnel were all very busy running diagnostics and counting supplies. They were as ready as they ever were going to be. Her father had always believed that prior preparation prevented poor performance. She just hoped that they would never be asked to perform.

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