The Fourth Rider Has Called Us

Characters: Dunstan Kordieh

My younger brother Lucius ran away to join the Rangers. He didn’t tell me until he’d already been on Minbar for a month. When his message came, of course I had to go too. We can’t be apart. We’re one soul, one being in two different bodies. But it was hard getting to Minbar. It took a long time. By the time I got there, he’d been sent off on one of the White Star ships.

I would have gone, but they asked me to wait. “We need you,” they said. “And you need us.” So I stayed, became a Ranger too. I had to fill that missing half of my soul, and the Anla’shok at least kept the darkness at bay. When the fighting came to us, I got out aboard the Phoenix. We were going to Babylon 5, and I could join my brother there.

But his ship went on ahead. Into Vorlon space. Into death. He was gone now. I knew it. My soul was dead, but my body lived on. I had to join Lucius. I had to return to my soul.

But I’m still frightened. I can’t bear to be alone along the way. I’ll bring the Phoenix with me. We’ll all journey together. No one comes back from Vorlon space. We’re all dead already. Time to stop breathing. Stop breathing, damn you all! Don’t you know you’re all dead? Do I have to do everything for you?

Copyright (c) 1998 Jamie Lawson. All rights reserved.


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