The Friend In Need

Characters: Shad

As shad walked to his quarters to rest from a hard days work he hears someone in his quarters and walks in. Shad takes out his minbari pike.”Who’s there?”Shad asks.”Computer…lights.”Shad saids.The lights turn on. Someone jumps him from behind and then flips the person over with his pike.”I don’t know how you got on the phoenix, but I’m going o call security if you don’t leave now.”Shad said with his human side.”Why would you want your own friend to be arrested by earth GOV?”The voice said.”Silvya?”Shad asked.”Of course, who else would it be?”She grined.Shad hugs her.”I though you were killed in the earth-minbari war.”Shad saids.No one can kill me.”She smiles.”I thought Ambassador Delenn tolled you to stay on minbar?”Shad asks.”I never stay in the same place,you know that.”Silvya smiles.”Hey,how would you like to join my squad?”Shad asks.”Sure,I’m good with a starfury.”She smiles.Shad and Silvya talk for hours(in minbari).

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