The Gates of Delirium, Epilogue

Characters: ISA Phoenix command crew

To: Nesaan (Anla’shok Council liason), Garibaldi (ISA Cov Int)

From: ISA Phx XO Morgan, CSci Matsumoto, CSO Darquin, Ops Yoshino

cc: cmd-arc, sec-arc

Subj: Compiled cmd mission report

Received: 10:51:53.7240 EST, 29 Aug 2262
Mission Report, compiled by command crew ISA Phoenix (Full debriefing in later communication.)

Background: ISA Phoenix was posted at Rolui 4 when a previously unknown hostile emerged from hyperspace and launched an immediate attack on both the Phoenix and installations on the planet. The Phoenix defended herself and the planet, and drove the attacking vessel off — but not before taking serious damage. Main bridge offline, auto-repair working. Capt Hale and Nav Carlacci were among the injured.

The House of the Speakers, headquarters of the telepathic clan of the Rolui native Huka, was destroyed by the attack. Most of the telepaths there, comprising well over half of the telepath population of the planet, were killed. Because of the nature of Huka telepaths, this loss has the potential to destroy them completely.

Mission objective: pursue hostiles, identify, neutralize. Negotiate if possible.

Mission details:

  • Pursuit

ISA Phoenix pursued and tracked hostile to Sector 522 by 90 by 42. Scanners detected unidentified infrared cloud. Storm Squadron patrol revealed a Dyson swarm, an incomplete construction of a Dyson sphere, was the infrared source due to its still-open structure leaking E-M emissions from its primary star.

  • First Contact situation

ISA Phoenix attempted long-range reconnaissance of the Dyson swarm with modified probe. Hostiles captured probe and attempted communication with Phoenix through it. Shok-na’li Morgan & CSO Darquin agreed to First Contact within Dyson swarm.

[Morgan] The native species responsible for the attack ship and the Dyson swarm called themselves the Uzael. It seems the Uzael were a servitor race of the Vorlons long ago, unaware of the ISA, the Rangers, or the last Shadow War. Long ago, the Uzael questioned the Vorlons’ authority. The Vorlons retaliated by devastating the Uzael homeworld, rendering the Uzael telepaths permanently insane.

[Yoshino] We learned that the Uzael had two political factions. One desired to continue the species’ seclusion from the rest of the galaxy, and to focus on rebuilding their home system. They are doing this rebuiding in the form of Dyson sphere around their system primary. This is an incredible engineering feat for any species to undertake.

  • Vorlon artifacts

Through initial contact with the peaceful faction, Morgan & Darquin were informed that a series of Vorlon-built defense towers were still posted in the outer reaches of the system. It was those towers which had devastated the Uzael planet in the distant past. The Uzael believed they were still active. The Uzael suggested that if we could remove the threat of the towers, the peaceful faction would have greater leverage to end the threat of the militant faction.

[Matsumoto] Yoshino & I were able to communicate with an Uzael telepath, who gave us the information we needed to shut down the towers. Malou, the telepath, couldn’t tell us directly, thanks to the damage done by the Vorlons. But he helped lead us to the telepathic commands hidden in his broken mind. Without that, any attempt to approach the towers would have resulted in death.

Despite a final threatening display from the militant Uzael, the Phoenix was able to permanently disable the towers. The inert towers were thrown into the gravity well of a nearby star – an X-ray binary – and so destroyed.

Tactical/Diplomatic Assessment:

  • After the destruction of the Vorlon towers, the Phoenix crew grappled and towed the disabled attack ship back to the Uzael, then resumed negotiations.
  • The Uzael have agreed to a non-aggression pact, including a binding obligation to pay reparations to the Huka. This can be handled through the Anla’shok and discreet Minbari merchant corporations. Beyond this, the Uzael wish to remain in seclusion. They request that their presence not be revealed to others.
  • In light of the warmonger faction’s unwarranted attacks and their embarrassment at being towed back to base, the Uzael will probably cooperate. The Phoenix has established a delicate but hopeful trust between the Uzael and the Rangers. They might seek further proof of our role in the Shadow War and news of the Vorlons’ departure.
  • The X-ray binary at Sector 517 x 83 x 150 can easily mask the infrared signature of the Dyson swarm. It’s a navigational hazard, previously not recorded in long-range surveys. If marked as such, safe passage could be acquired only with our permission. Also, the Uzael system is far enough from the Vorlon territorial borders to avoid any random discovery. The Phoenix found the system only because of a concerted effort using multiple ships and advanced technology.

Ship/crew status:

  • ISA Phoenix is functional, but needs further repair in dock to become fully operational.
  • Capt Hale remains stable but unconscious in Medlab. Command crew will be consult CMO Lanconi re CO’s condition. Nav Carlacci is conscious and recovering.
  • [Lanconi]Capt Hale remains stable but unconscious in Medlab. Command crew will be consult CMO Lanconi re CO’s condition. Nav Carlacci is conscious and recovering.

The captain’s condition is very unusual. Although I’ve tried every conventional treatment that I know of, her condition remains stable but unconscious. I have requested the ISA to see if they could make the alien healing machine available. It is my hope that enough friends will be willing to donate a bit of themselves to heal the captain sufficiently that she’ll be able to fully recover on her own with conventional treatments.

Nav Carlacci’s prognosis is much better and I expect a full recovery within a week or two.

  • We are currently holding position in Sector 522 x 90 x 42, ready for hyperspace jump, setting course back to Minbar.

ISA Phoenix–“The Gates of Delirium” (Epilogue)” © 2006 Alida Saxon, Leslie McBride, Jamie Lawson, Joe Medina

Babylon 5 tm and © 2006 Warner Bros.


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