The Long Walk

Characters: Dr. Hellecat Brannon

Whether it was a reaction to Darquin’s electrifying outburst or perhaps her escort was just being difficult, but her grip on Helle’s elbow got tighter with every step away from Medlab.

That, on top of what she saw as the complete unfairness of what had just happened was the icing on top of the really ordinary cake she’d been served as far as she was concerned and she jerked her arm away irritably.

“I know the way to the brig without having you steamroll me there, thank you all the same,” she snapped over her shoulder as she kept walking. “Just who in the seven hells does he think he is?!” she continued, ripping her medical coat off and balling it up with a few meaningful punches.

“He is Chief Of Security, Doctor,” her escort said dryly, as she put her hand back under Helle’s elbow. You could almost hear the capital letters in the title….

“Oh for the love of –” spinning around she again yanked her arm away from the woman. “Stop it! It’s not necessary! I’m not a bloody criminal!”

A look passed over the security woman’s face that Helle often referred to as Cop Face and, even through her anger, felt a tiny prickling from her conscience.

“Doctor, let’s not make this any more difficult than it has to be.”

Helle’s eyebrows shot up and she snorted in disbelief. “If you could possibly explain to me exactly how this could get more difficult?!” She smiled tightly and knew it must have appeared cold, ugly and insincere. “Let’s just get there and get this over with, shall we?”

They continued walking, in silence — Helle this time unaided by her companion.

As they reached their destination Helle again swung around and was ashamed to see her escort steel herself as if for another barrage. Taking a deep breath and swallowing an uncomfortable amount of pride she held her hand out, which again had the security officer eyeing her warily. “Anla’shok, I ask your forgiveness for my behaviour toward you. My anger is not directed at you and yet you’ve been its target and for that I’m sorry.”

With the barest of nods the woman acknowledged her apology and then motioned for Helle to precede her into the cell. “Thank you Doctor but your apology is not necessary. I understand that anger towards the self is often deflected outwards onto others, unwittingly.”

Helle laughed loudly and stopped in her tracks. “Ensign, my anger isn’t directed at myself.” She turned slowly and knew the smile was back on her face. “Oh no … this anger is wholly and solely for one Tomas Darquin.”

Copyright (c) 2000 Denise Cox. All rights reserved.


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