The Meeting

Characters: Katia Santiago

Katia sat at her desk, nodding off from lack of sleep. She had just gotten her last report submitted to Capt Narsh and Commander Shaver. Just as her head started to slowly lower itself onto her desk, the computer notified her of an incoming message.

“Attention you are all ordered to meet with Captain Narsh and myself in the Conference room in exactly 56 minutes. DO NOT BE LATE!” she heard Commander Shaver order over the comm. She rolled her eyes at that, not wanting to be in his presence at all, let alone having to do it with others around. She sighed as she realized there was no way out of it.

She looked at the clock and realized she had half an hour to get to the meeting. “And still so much to acomplish here…” she thought to herself.

She left her office and walked over to Maenier. He looked at her with concern and asked,”Katia, shouldn’t you be getting to bed? You look like you could use some sleep.”

She looked at him in surprise, she hadn’t realized she looked that bad. “No, Maenier, i can’t. I have been called to a meeting of all Department heads. Maybe after. I see you have things well under control here, so I am leaving you in charge in my absence.”

He nodded slightly. “Understood, Katia.”

Katia walked out of Engineering towards the lift and thought that maybe it was time to make Maenier her Assistant, because she seemed to rely on him more and more. She sighed as she remembered where she was headed, and entered the Lift preparing herself for the worst. She exited the lift and entered the conference room and saw a couple people already there, including Shaver. Unfortunately, one of the only seats left was right next to Shaver, and the other was right across from him. She paused in the door as he looked up at her. They both looked away, and Katia decided ont he lesser of the two evils and chose to sit across from him.

Shaver did his best to ignore her so that he could concentrate on the coming meeting, and Katia did the same. Both of them failing miserably. Dylan noticed that Katia looked like she hadn’t gotten much sleep lately and thought she looked horrible, but knew better than to say anything. Narsh watched the two of them, as he watched their every reaction to see how they would work together. Katia sat there and focused on the screen in front of her, so that she didn’t have to think about the situation. She noticed that the Dr. hadn’t arrived yet, and wondered when the meeting would begin, so she could get out of there and back to her quarters and get some sleep.

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