The Message Home

Characters: Shad

As shad walked to his quarters he thought to himself.”I wonder when I can go out in my starfury again and get into all of the action?”Shad sighs and saids”Oh,well.”Of course his human side was showing as he was thinking to himself. Moments later in shads quarters.”Computer…send this message to my parents:”Dear Mother and Father, my job here on the RS Phoenix is great. The captain was very nice to me when I first came on board, even if I’m not good with a starfury I can always ask the captain or the computer for help. I just wish I wasn’t doing all of this alone, it seems I’m the only fighter in my group.”Shad sighs and finishes the letter.”I wish my brother was still alive, love shad.”The computer beeps and sends the message.”Message Sent.”the computer saids.The shad walks out and returns to his duties.


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