Characters: Katia Santiago

Katia floated along in her mind, a vast void of betrayals and deaths. She had no one left in her life other than her children, and at the moment, the Psi Corps still had both daughters firmly in their grip. As she skimmed along the moments that were her life, the birth of her girls, the death of the man she loved, the betrayal of one she thought she had loved, it all encompassed her, forcing her to come face to face with that which she did not want to see. Her life was one of great disappointment, and all she had left was her anger. Could she truly give in and give it up as she had wanted to do back on Babylon 5? Could she find a way to live a normal life free of vengeance and regret? She didn’t know how, and that is what scared her most of all.

Finally, her mind came back to the dream, that had not been a dream. She had actually traveled through time, with the help of that machine. She wished she could go back to that time, it seemed like such a happier place then she was now. How could that be? But, she did know her daughters were there. Some way, some how, she would get back to them. Some how. But, how? That had yet to be determined, but as soon as the war with Earth was over, she would have to make a trip back to Mars to find them. And, risk being caught by the Corps. It was a threat she would gladly accept if that meant she would have Kayla and Kira back with her. As if she had ever had them with her at all. For a minute at birth, but she had not seen them since. It was comforting to know all her waiting would be over soon enough. She would be able to pull the away from the clutches of the Corps, and hopefully reintroduce them to life away from Mars. It would be a tough job, but something that was keeping her going at the moment.

The Chief Engineer finally felt the pull back to reality, back to consciousness. Suddenly she was laying there, on the bridge, the cold floor pressed against her cheek. She wasn’t lost to the void, she was on the ship, and what mattered now was getting them back alive. One way or another. Everything else, she pushed back to the far reaches of her mind and locked away in her secret room, until such time as she could worry about it again. For now, the anger bloomed fresh as she finally looked around her and saw the increased devastation that had been the Phoenix. She had to find a way down to Engineering, they had to deal with the havoc started with Kordieh, but ended with the Aliens. It was time.

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