To the Dome

Characters: Kim Matsumoto, Margaret Morgan

:: Kim and Morgan move carefully towards the Dome. Morgan keeps an eye on the sky above while Kim looks for the maintenance entrance. ::

Kim> It’s around here somewhere. Ah! :: Spots crude round airlock with keypad entrance lock. :: It’s the weakest link in Dome security. We used them all the time on the digs. :: Kim punches in a 7 digit code. A green light flashes and airlock cycles open. Kim grins behind her faceplate. ::

Kim> Welcome to Olympus Dome. :: Leads the way inside. Door cycles shut behind them, air rushes in, second lock opens and then enter sparsely lit corridor. Graffiti lines the walls, most commonly “Free Mars!”. Kim cautiously cracks the seal on her helmet. ::

Kim> It’s okay. Air’s not great, but that is hardly odd around here. :: Attaches helmet by a strap to her belt. Morgan follows suit.

Morgan> All right. First, let’s ditch these suits of others if we can, and then we need to get to a teminal to see if there is a fugitive alert.

Kim> Right. This way then. :: Leads the way down corridor. ::

Kim> Ah, these are better. :: Lift’s suit off rack in another maintenance tunnel. Strips of her own suit and puts on the new one. Adjusts straps buckles and checks seals and air. Margaret does the same with another suit. Over the suit she slips on her black jacket. Kim smiles and nods. :: Now we look local.

:: Finds Comm terminal. Morgan keys up the menu and begins scanning the info.::

Morgan> No fugitive alert for them. Or us. Doesn’t mean there isn’t a secret search, though. We need to move fast.

Kim> So long as neither of them are incapacitated, they would be long gone from the side of the dome near where they crashed. So where do we look?  :: Morgan pauses to consider, frowns, then quickly types in a message to the comm and sends it out. ::

Kim> What did you just do?

Morgan> A little fishing. Lets give the main Plaza a stroll, okay? ::Kim stares and then shrugs and follows. ::

Kim> ::whispers:: Someone’s watching us. You see him? Mars Security. ::Frowns at the warped reflection of him in the locket she is “inspecting” :: You see him?

Morgan> Yep. ::Fingers a pendant, then puts in down. Kim sets the locket down and they wander past the next few booths. :: And now he’s following us, too. Let’s mingle. ::Heads for the thickest crowding of people. ::

:: MarSec patroller follows slowly at first, then more quickly when he realizes they are slipping away. He shouts for them to stop, and the crowd suddenly becomes impossible to navigate. Shopping is dropped and help arrives cheerfully blocking the way. ::

Morgan and Kim find the crowd opening up and on the other side they find a small group waiting.

MarSec> Well, well. If it isn’t the Ice Lady. Been a long time, Morgan.  ::Grins::

Morgan> :: surly :: Billy Nichols. A’ight, scughead, whaddya want?

MarSec> I’d heard you got the straight kick. Looks like I heard right.

Morgan> I’d heard you were still brainless.

MarSec> :: composure cracking :: You’d better come with me.

Copyright (c) 1996 Leslie McBride and Alida Saxon. All rights reserved. 

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