Two Through Triage

Characters: Dr. Kaldo Lanconi, Medlab Staff

Only a very few minutes passed between when the medical teams had begun streaming out of Medlab One and when they started returning, assisting or carrying injured Rangers in for care. Dr. Kaldo Lanconi had been bored prior to the attack on the Phoenix but he recalled an old Centauri adage “Be fearful of what you long for.” He used the triage method to separate the injured, first those who would die without immediate treatment, second those who would be permanently maimed and third everyone else.

The stream of incoming wounded seemed to part almost by instinct as two pairs of assistants bore in the wounded from the bridge: Captain Terry Hale and navigator Peter Carlacci. The captain’s neck was immobilized with a field brace, and a cold pack lay over her forehead.

It appeared that the entire right side of Carlacci’s body from the waist up had been caught in an explosive blast — his hair and clothes on that side were burned away almost completely. The light from overhead caught the odd glitter of two gold rings around fingers whose flesh had been burned almost to the bone.

Dr. Lanconi took a quick look at the captain and recognized the black purple bruise on one side of her forehead, which expanded as he looked at it. The swelling could damage her brain from the pressure of blood inside her skull and if unattended could result in death. “Probe!” He ordered.

A nearby assistant handed him a four inch long needle probe.

Dr. Lanconi inserted the probe into the center of the black purple bruise and began to relieve the pressure. As the blood exited the wound the assistant was there with a pan to keep the blood off the floor.

Further examination of the captain showed that she would need a complete skull scan to determine the full extent of her head injuries. No other life threatening injuries were noted. To the assistant he said, “Let me know if there are any changes.” Dr. Lanconi quickly recorded his findings and went to the next patient.

After taking care of the most badly injured, Dr. Lanconi came to Peter Carlacci. He was muttering something that Lanconi couldn’t make out.

The assistant had taken care of a number of the injuries, removed his uniform and cleaned his body and head. The assistant had shaved the hair next to the injured areas and applied a burn med to the whole area. In a pan next to Carlacci were the two gold rings which had been cut off his badly burned fingers.

“Good job,” Lanconi said to the assistant. “Any idea what he’s muttering?”

“Sorry doc. I thought he might have said something about the bridge or the captain but I couldn’t make out anything that made any sense.”

“OK. If he does say anything that makes sense or sounds like something we need to pass on to Shok-na’li Morgan, report it immediately. I think he’ll live but is going to be in a lot of pain and require some physical therapy to recover full use of his arm and hand. Let me know if anything changes.”

Dr. Lanconi went on to another patient.

The chaos in Medlab reminded him of the aftermath of the Narn attack on Ragesh 3 where he was taking care of hundreds of injured civilians. The major exception was the lack of any children here. For that, he thanked the Great Maker.

Copyright (c) 2005 Sidney Kuhn and Jamie Lawson. All rights reserved.


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