While the Cat’s Away …

Characters: Dr. Mira Trassano, Mr. Carter

“So, are you certain that you are going to be comfortable handling these things?” Mira watched Mr Carter intently. She had to be certain of him. He was going to be taking care of her baby. “I can always change my mind. Someone else can go with the rest of the crew. If you’re not com–”

“Will you just get out?!” Carter demanded with an aggravated sound. “Just go! I’ll be fine. The ship will be fine. The MedLab will be fine. Nothing is going to go wrong while you’re gone!” He waved his hands at her in sheer frustration. This conversation had been going on for nearly an hour now. God, he thought to himself, she’s acting like I’m taking her baby away from her. Carter finally managed to shoo the CMO out of MedLab and out of the Phoenix completely.

Finally, with long glances over her shoulder, Mira headed off to take care of a few personal things before she boarded the WS 21. Mr Carter breathed a sigh of relief. Wandering back to the MedLab, he started mulling over what she had told him to do. It’s mostly regular stuff. Restock and restore, basically… unless the powers that be suddenly decide to do something drastic. He frowned a bit at that thought. Nah, they won’t do anything extra. All our repairs are going to cost enough and there’s nothing wrong with the MedLabs as they are.

Back in the Nurses’ Station, surveying his domain, Carter stretched until he popped and relaxed. God, this is going to be great. No emergencies, no cranky doctors, no stubborn crew members trying to self-doctor. Oh, yeah… I needed a good vacation. The relaxed silly grin on his face highlighted the laugh-lines etching themselves in his features. Carter opened a drawer and carefully selected a data crystal. I wonder when the doc will find that crystal I slipped her. A few moments later, the music started. The relaxed beat and soft twang of classic country guitars filled the air. Yeah, life is good when you don’t have to listen to fraggin’ Centauri opera.


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