Wide Awake

Characters: Dr. Mira Trassano, Ser Gylenn

Dr Trassano was over in the back right hand corner of MedLab with a nurse. They had one of the medical computers opened up and were poking around in its insides to see if it was anything stupidly simple to fix. It was better to see if you could fix it yourself before handing it over to maintenance where it’ll stay for a few months. After all, it wasn’t like there were more than two spare terminals in storage. Mira hated it when she had to get any of the rare replacement parts out of storage. She knew how hard it was to procure replacements for the machines. She’d had to beat too many brows for the few that they did have.

So, there they were, when the machine hooked up to the bed behind them started to go crazy. It beeped and flashed and generally made everybody in MedLab jump. Mira turned around so fast she almost lost her balance. There was a fear clutching at her gut screaming that something was wrong. But, when she leaned over to look at the cause for alarm, Gylenn didn’t look like he was dying. In fact, she checked the terminal’s reading, he’s waking up! He’s finally waking up! The alarms were turned off and some medications were applied to aid the Minbari’s poor battered body in shaking off the mantle of coma. The nurses were trying not to cluster in the excitement of finally regaining their fallen comrade. Mira felt relieved that she had decided against leaving the comatose Gylenn on B5. She leaned away from the bed to check the readouts, again.

“Doctor?” Gylenn spoke without rising. For the first time in his life he felt a fear that threatened to command his mind. Fear of the unknown. Yet he let it pass over him like a kite and rose from the bed. Everything looked somewhat normal. Except that everyone was standing around staring at him. Then the doctor was there beside him and urged him to lay down again. He blearily complied.

“Hello, doctor. How long was I unconscious?” Gylenn mumbled as Mira scanned him again.

“Not long, don’t you worry about that now. Everything is alright. We all got back from Minbar with all the refugees and we’re safe.” Mira refrained from adding, for the moment,which is what she thought. That was not what he needed to hear right now. She ordered a nurse to get some semi-solid food from the lounge for Gylenn. There’s no time like the present to get him off the intraveneous feeder.

“Where is Cairel?”

“Uh…” Cairel? Mira thought furiously. She had been busy thinking of medical things and was having trouble remembering who that was.

“Doctor? Where is Cairel? What is wrong?”

The bells and whistles finally went off in Mira’s head. “Nothing is wrong.” Mira patted him soothingly. “I just don’t know where she is at the moment. She came on board with the refugees. I believe that she was one of the ones who was dropped off on B5 a few days ago.”

“Where are we, Doctor?”

Mira ignored the question as she wracked her brain, trying to remember what the female minbari had told her. She had been so worried to leave Gylenn. Mira finally remembered. “She said she’d leave you a message. For when you wake up.”

He nodded, relieved. “Where are we, Doctor?” He asked again, calmly.

Mira had hoped that he would forget that question in the news she gave him of Cairel. She sighed. “We’re at the start of our next mission. You, however, have little to worry about. You’ll be on medical leave for at least a few more days.”

“Why? I feel fine.” He made as if to get up again.

Mira frowned at him, freezing him mid-motion. “You have been in a very deep coma for weeks. You have been surviving on liquid nutrition and a respirator. You haven’t used your muscles in all the time you were unconscious except in the medical exercises the nurses performed on you.” She frowned even more at him. “You’re lucky you survived at all. In order for you to regain the health you had before, you NEED a few days rest.”

Gylenn looks at her amused slightly, but alarmed at what she just said. “I thought you said that I wasn’t out long Doctor?”

“Long is relative. For a coma patient, you haven’t been out long.” Mira poked him firmly in the chest. “I want you to remember that if you don’t comply with the terms of your medical leave, then I’ll be forced to have you incarcerated.”

“You know, Doctor, sometimes you seem very human.” He said with an amused smile. “I shall comply to your wishes, Doctor.”

Mira looked at him sideways. “I didn’t used to be,” she said with laughter in her voice. “I must have picked it up during my years on Minbar.” The nurse arrived with the food. Mira checked it and nodded her approval. “Now, You’re going to stay in that bed until you eat as much of this as you can and I run a few more tests. Then I’ll let you go back to your quarters and rest in private. I’ll be checking up on you, though!” She wagged a finger at him. “So, don’t do anything you don’t want me to know about.”

Gylenn smiled at her and rubbed his stomach. “Great food, Doctor. I am full already.”

Mira rolled her eyes in exasperation. “Eat the rest.”

He chuckled. “Thank you, Doctor.” He called after her as she bustled off to get some things she’d need for a full exam.

Mira was in her office. She had just told Gylenn that he was free to go to his quarters and assigned a nurse to go with him, just in case. She settled down at her desk with a sigh. Glancing at the messages and reports waiting for her attention, she remembered her thoughts from just a few hours before. She shook her head, it seemed to have been days ago or that it had been a dream. There was a new message waiting for her.

“Computer display latest message.”

It was from the new captain. “Trassano, you’re probably already on this,” she said, “but see that what patients you have are fully secured, and turn out any who can be. I hate to plan pessimistically, but best to have all the beds you can free and keep a full crew on at all times.”

Mira nodded to herself and sighed. I guess I had better do that report first, then. Ordering the computer to play one of Centuaro’s operas, Mira settled down to the business of getting business done.

Gylenn walked into his quarters for the first time in a long time. The nurse that followed him was quietly insistant that he lay down. Something about getting fully healed. He remembered the Doctor’s words about Cairel though.

“Computer play message from Ranger Cairel.”

“Gylenn, I am sorry to have to leave you but I have been reassigned. I suppose if this relationship works then you will hear this a lot from me. I can’t tell you where or what I am doing now. You probably won’t even be able to send messages to me. I promise though that I will see you again and as soon as I have the chance to. I will write too. If your hearing this then I am a very happy woman. Please take better care of yourself next time and do what the Doctor says. I will be seeing you… Cairel out.”

Gylenn fell into his 45 degree inclined bed and was fast asleep. Dimly aware that the nurse was taking up residency. He smiled lightly at that.


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